How Much does a CSCS Test Cost?

CSCS is the construction skill competence scheme, an initiative led by the government in the UK to lessen the chances of accidents and threats in the construction industry. With a well-known fact that construction and accidents are interrelated, so the government had decided to take some measures to prevent the possibilities of the threats. For this process, the CSCS cards are issued to the workers of the construction industry. For qualifying the course, the delegates have to take the CSCS test after which only they will be awarded the CSCS cards. The CSCS test price varies as per the CSCS course you want to opt for.

What is the eligibility for CSCS cards?

In order to be eligible for the CSCS cards, the delegate must have completed the CITB Health, safety and environment test during the time period of only 2 years and should have the appropriate construction related qualifications. The CSCS tests generally are in the form of MCQ. These tests are specially designed and focused on developing the employee’s fundamental skills. Based on the type of the CSCS course, the CSCS test cost is decided.

Why are the CSCS cards required?

The CSCS card is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. Though this is not a legislative requirement, but still most of the construction companies demand the CSCS cardholders. As a CSCS card proves the competency of the skilled and non-skilled workers in the field of construction. It is extremely important for the delegates to hold the CSCS cards with them and have detailed information about the CSCS card price.

With the help of the CSCS cards, the workers in the construction filed learn about the various safety rules and regulations that are required for the construction sites. They get to know about the various risk factors and the risk assessment techniques through the courses. Also, they get the complete knowledge of the safer working practices that will make the construction environment safe and secure for themselves as well as for other co-workers.

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